About Ulwazi

The object of the program is to empower marginalized communities and to integrate them into the mainstream economy through increased access to information using the following methods:

the provision of rural and peri-urban communities with informative, educational and skills-transferring content to educational, healthcare and community centres and other social networking hubs;
catalyzing the integration of people in these communities into the mainstream economy by providing general knowledge, information on matters of public interest and importance and career guidance;
inspiring people in these communities to excel by showcasing role models from business, the sciences, sports and culture;
facilitating interest in knowledge acquisition through promotions, quizzes and other such competitions



Already Rolling Out
The Ulwazi Express is already rolling out this concept in twenty locations (inclusive of schools, public health centres and community centres) within one of South Africa’s provinces and with greater financial support, aspires to provide this fundamental need to all South African marginalized communities. 

The Ulwazi Express is a registered Trust and is a not-for-profit organization. It is administered, in terms of its Trust Deed by trustees with impeccable credentials. Sponsors and contributors, which are typically but not exclusively BBBEE contributors are entitled to appoint representatives on the board of Trustees, in accordance with the Trust Deed of the Ulwazi Express

The Ulwazi Express’ board of trustees reports regularly to the Ulwazi-Express contributors and to the dti on the progress of the program.