About Ulwazi

The Ulwazi Express uses video programming to present educational content that is engaging and culturally relevant. It can assist in school, choosing a career, improving job readiness and even provide entertainment in the form of quizzes, movies and WORLD CUP SOCCER, etc.

All this is available at learning centres.  Learning centers are locally-managed, media hubs, located in places such as:

tick Community Centres
tick Hospitals & Clinics
tick Youth Projects
tick Day Care Centres
tick Schools

The network enables the Ulwazi Express to:

tick disseminate content cost-effectively;
tick collect data and generate reports on the usage of content;
tick get interactive feedback about content-related issues from content users;
tick where appropriate, boost the program’s viability through commercial advertising; and
tick simultaneously distribute different types of content to different sites.



The Ulwazi Express in the Community

Coming to a Centre Near You

The Ulwazi Express gives priority to the use of sites that give the community maximum access and benefit thereby giving the program maximum visibility and impact. For this reason, the Ulwazi Express has been welcomed with a strong sense of ownership, in the communities it has been rolled out.

What’s a Potential Ulwazi Site?
The Ulwazi Express’ preferred sites are typically educational, healthcare, recreational and other community centres. These sites are typically selected in consultation with community leaders. Government at national, provincial and local level has also provided valuable Ulwazi sites.

Our National Heritage
The Ulwazi Express is a national heritage. For this reason, its sites are managed, monitored, as well as kept clean and in good order by site resident site managers from the local community.   This is one of the many ways in which the Ulwazi Express is directly creating employment in the communities in which it has been rolled out. This has added to the Elwazi Express' popularity in the communities in which it has been rolled out.

Rolling-out a Tsunami of Light!
 The roll-out of the Ulwazi Express is ongoing. The Ulwazi Express roll-out has gained significant momentum from the financial support of its contributors, the enthusiastic of it by the targeted communities, the support of Government at national, provincial and local level as well as the encouragement and material support of many well-wishers and stakeholders. To all the friends of the Ulwazi Express, the Trust would like to say, "Siyabonga! Enkosi! Ke a leboga! Inkomu! Ke a leboha! Ro livhuwa! Si ya thokoza! Dankie! Thank you!"